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Elodie :3 join the Constellatory! sneexy dot yoshi deci dot net the infamous god, legendary Fedi shitposter... yassie_j!

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"ooooo you like boys, ur a boykisseru like kissing boys, don't you? uwu​" -Elodie

"asahi is twink-esk in spirit. aspirational." -Juniper

"cute huggable nice huggable cute cute" -marcy

"Petting Asahi makes the world better” -yassie

"cute and queer catenby that functions as fedi's algorithm on the side" -7331

"sometimes this one still forgets how friendly some people are here… like Asahi, for instance!” -Ariadne

"Asahi wa sugoi desu ne?" -Bard

"best Asahi I've ever metblob cat squeezes heart (awww!)" -Kristina

"asahi is friend shaped and they have a good heart" -Drew

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